MRT Closure of Jalan Fatmawati

The MRT Project (Mass Rapid Transit) is progressing nicely.  As a result, it is now time to build the Fatmawati station close to ITC Shopping Complex.  Thus the city government has decided to close Jalan Fatmawati close to ITC.  Traffic is always a challenge in Jakarta and until August, 2017, it will become even worse in the area as they plan to divert  (see above map) the traffic off to smaller lanes to avoid the construction of the station which will built above Jalan Fatmawati.  We expect the traffic to be very bad in the area of the diversions.  Luckily we are located 2 miles south of this area so possibly we may avoid the worst of it.  Anyone needing accommodations in the area between Jalan Cipete Raya and Jalan TB Simatupang should not plan their stays in the city centre, or even in the Blok M area.  It is best to stay further south in the TB Simatupang area or Cipete Raya area.  The Maritim Guest House is right in the middle between TB Simatupang and Cipete Raya, with Pondok Indah also minutes away.