Best Dive Spot in Indonesia (maybe the world)

27 October 2012

Guests often share their Indonesian travel experiences with us.  We like to share this information on  destinations within the region that may interest others.  Here is one good bit of information from guests who are experienced divers and just returned from the Indonesian side of Papua New Guinea (Irian Jaya).  They have informed us that they are very experienced divers who have traveled the world seeking out the best dive spots and they believe their recent experience revealed the best dive spot they have ever seen.  They did say one must be experienced and should be dive certified to dive this spot due to currents and its isolated location.  Certainly there are no decompression chambers anywhere in the area, the nearest chamber is a good day away in Manado.  The accommodations in the area are basic, clean and the food is good. 

One must fly into Sorong, Papua.  In Sorong, it has been suggested to stay in JE Meridien Hotel, no relation to Le Meridien.  Opposite this hotel is the Raja Ampat Tourism Office.  This office will help you book your visit Kri Island where dives may be arranged.  On Kri Island, our guests have informed us of three different homestays named:  Magur Kodon (Mr. Raymond) Rp300,000 per person/night and rate includes three meals a day, plus snacks; Yenkoranu (Ms. Grace / Tel: +6282189222577) Rp250,000 per person/night; and Korann Fyak Rp250,000 per person/night.  Apparently Raymond is the one who arranges boats and dive equipment which we have been told is new and well maintained.  Even if you stay at the other two homestays mentioned above, Raymond is the go to guy for dives.  We've been told that some of the locals spoke English and German well there.  Communication in these languages, maybe more, was not a problem.  

Simply search Sorong, Papua or Kri Island online, there is plenty to read of this area.  

We try our best to accurately relate information as best we can but cannot guarantee the accuracy of the above....just trying to share with all of you!  We hope we have helped in some way.  

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