#ecowarriors . Help Us Preserve Our Green Environment at The Maritim Guest House in Jakarta

Our Rambutan Trees....

Help us conserve our grove of trees simply by being our guests!  We are trying our best to conserve our open space and large mature trees which is a relative rarity in Jakarta.  Many local friends tell us to cut the trees and develop our valuable open space but we are trying our best to save this small oasis.   We would like to continue to grow organic vegetables in our open space and offer them when available in meals to our guests.  You will see for yourself that our trees and open space are worth saving. We do believe climate change is real as evidenced around the world. Luckily for us, we are on a high plain so we have been able to avoid the flooding that sometimes hits low lying parts of Jakarta. Enjoy our property, our gardens, meals,  and of course, our beautiful trees.  And for those still at home, plant a tree or two or three!! Thank you. 

Morning sun through the trees......

 Afternoon Shade

Some new 2013

Today in late 2018


Heliconia just planted in 2013

In 2018

 Spinach anyone? 

Newly planted veggie patch after adding 2013

We added a hedge to divide the veggie garden from the main garden...this is in 2017.