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Isn't life about experiences that enrich you personally, professionally, even spiritually?  Doesn't travel provide you with growing experiences?  We believe travel does. Which experience will enrich you more?  Hotels where the sameness dulls the senses?  Or a smaller but professionally run guest house where your experience will include the personality of knowledgeable owners and attentive staff? We are a smaller run operation providing you what you need in a relaxed, safe and friendly atmosphere.  You can experience real home-cooked meals. You do not need to feel lonely, lost or out of touch when in a foreign country.  If you are tired of the same boring experience hotels bring you, businessmen and tourists find us a good choice, please book now with The Maritim Guest House when you are next visiting Jakarta.  

29 August 2014

Hotels are going crazy with extra fees on hotel bills that have added worldwide US$2.25 billion in additional hotel revenue. Here are some of the ways hotels are adding more to what they charge guests.  We DO NOT charge any of these fees except for late check-outs after 2pm or so: 

1. A fee to GUARANTEE TWO QUEEN BEDS OR ONE KING BED, or if you ask for a room close to the lifts or far from the lifts, or if you ask for a high floor or low floor in a hotel, they will charge you US$30 to accommodate your preferences. 
2. A fee to check in EARLY or check out LATE.  Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas charges US$30 for early check-in. 
3. A fee if you want a room safe, if there is a room safe in your room even if you don't use it. Budget hotels charge US$1.50 per night. 
4. A fee of US$1 to US$2 per bag per day to store guest luggage if they leave the hotel and want to pick up their luggage later.
5. A fee of US$10 - 25 to receive a package for a guest, charges are based on the weight of package or envelope.  
6. A fee of US$10 - 25 per night for WiFi internet service in rooms. 
7. A fee of energy surcharges for rising energy expenses in hotels. 
8. Hotels charge high prices for mini-bar items PLUS an 18% restocking fee. 
9. Hotels charge US$25 per day if you place your own items like bottled water or other drinks bought outside in your room minibar. Its called a personal use fee. 
10. Hotels charge if you MOVE mini bar items supplied by the hotel.  You have 60 seconds to put it back in the same place or else you will automatically be charged. They have placed computerized sensors on the items so a computer will automatically charge your guest room bill! 
11. Hotels charge US$35 per day in some hotels if you ask to have a refrigerator delivered to your room for those hotels who do not have them in every room. 
12. St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort charges US$650 per night PLUS US$60 per night RESORT CHARGE which provides them with a welcome drink upon check-in, internet access, the use of beach umbrellas and lounge chairs, bicycles, iced tea at the poolside. Guests must pay the extra US$60 per night whether they use the services or not! 
13. Some hotels are adding tips to their bills. The Fairmont Southhampton in Bermuda charges US$469 a night PLUS a resort fee and mandatory gratuities for EACH GUEST in the room. So two adults and two kids sharing a room would be charged an additional US$48.28 per night in resort fees PLUS US$40.80 per night in tips which adds 19% to the nightly rate! 
14. The Serrano Hotel in downtown San Francisco adds US$20 per night "Urban Fee" that includes internet, local phone calls, newspapers, morning coffee and use of bicycles. 
15. A hotel charges US$7.95 per page to make a copy of a boarding pass.  

Just like airlines beginning to charge for everything like your seating preference, etc, hotels are doing the same.  Not all hotels charge the same fees so when you check into a hotel, you never really know so well how much more you will be paying!!!  You have to read the fine print to know.  So greedy!  There is NO fine print at The Maritim Guest House.....see you soon!!!  

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